Banana Boat Rides - $20 per person
Banana Boat Rides - $20 per person
Waverunners - 30 & 60 minute rentals
Waverunners - 30 & 60 minute rentals
Waverunners for one, two & three people
Waverunners for one, two & three people
Umbrella, Cabana & Chair rentals
Umbrella, Cabana & Chair rentals
Umbrella, Cabana & Chair rentals
Umbrella, Cabana & Chair rentals

Early Birds

Save $5.00 per ticket off Regular Price

Longest Tow Lines on the Lake!

Pricing for National Watersport's

Clearwater, FL


(photo ID required)


30 Minute Rental

1 person - $60     2 person - $65     3 person - $70

1 Hour Rental - $110



Ride is approximately 8 - 10 minutes

600 foot - $60      800 foot - $70      1000 foot - $80

Photo Package - $25

Ride & Watch - $30


Umbrella, Cabana & Chair Rental

$20 per day


Banana Boat

$20 per person (maximum 6 people)



Pricing for Parasail Joe's - Lake George, NY


$75 per person

(certain holiday weekend exceptions)

First Flights out at 9:00am

Early Birds (9:00-10:00am) get $5.00 off Regular Price

Buy Presale Tickets and save $10.00 off (can not be used the day of purchase)


Off the Lake by 7:00pm

Longest Tow Lines on the Lake!

Longest Rides on the Lake!

Most Experienced Crews!



Do I have to know how to swim
and will I get wet?

We can dip in the water if requested, otherwise we won't.
There is always a small possibility that a boat could malfunction in which case you and your parasail would gently glide into the water and our staff would get you out.


Do I need any skills to parasail?

No, as long as you can sit down that is all you need to do!


Are there any age or weight restrictions?

Yes, you have to be at least 6 years of age.  Anyone under 18 needs a parent or guardian to sign their liability waiver.  Weight restrictions change according to the weather and captains discretion.


How many people can fly at the same time?

We fly singles, doubles and triples!
Single fliers must be at least 150 pounds or more to go by themselves.
The maximum total weight is approximately 450 pounds but can vary slightly due to the winds and the weather conditions.


How many people can go out on
the boat at one time?

We can have a maximum of 10 people per boat and we can accommodate even larger groups by using multiple boats at once.


What should I wear?

You are welcome to bring anything you want up in the air, but
we are not responsible if anything is dropped or gets wet.
You may leave anything valuable that you are concerned about
on the boat when you go up.


Are passengers allowed?

Yes, if the boat is not fully booked with fliers you may ride for a fee of $30.


How long are the flights?

The flights are around 8 to 10 minutes long. Time on the boat can range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many people are signed up.
It's a really fun experience being out on the water and seeing other people go up in the air as well.


Do we need reservations?

For large parties or busy season it's recommended but not necessary.
You will need a major credit card to make a reservation.


Are prices per person?

Yes, The prices listed are per person, not per flight.

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